1st International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Informatics

Honorary Chairs

Software Engineering Guru

Prof. Dr. Roger S. Pressman

Fuzzy Logic Guru

Prof. Dr. Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier

Media Innovation Expert

Prof. Nadia Magnenat

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With the rapid development and increasing complexity of computer and informatics, user’s requirements for trusted computing and informatics systems are becoming more and more demanding. Useful and innovative technologies in these areas are attracting researchers. The International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Informatics (IC3I) aims to bring together researchers, academicians, scholars and experts from various backgrounds and application areas in computer science and information science and Engineering. IC3I will emphasize on promoting a high level of interaction between the theoretical, experimental, and applied communities, so as to achieve exchange of ideas in new and emerging computer and informatics areas. IC3I will serve as a platform to cover the advanced aspects and approaches of computers and informatics in real world scenario and provides a forum to present and discuss emerging ideas and trends in this highly challenging research field.

The conference is supposed to strengthen relationships and ties with other institutions and international scientists, and to facilitate joint research and visits. The conference intends to be an open forum and chance for presenting, discussing, sharing the latest experiences and exchange findings.

Key Highlights of IC3I 2014

  • Technical sessions comprising of varieties of topics related to computer and informatics from various countries.
  • Three Best paper awards.
  • All the accepted and presented papers will be included into IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

International Workshops

International Tutorials

IC3I 2014 Mysuru Photos available online


Mutual Information Based Weighted Fuzzy Clustering

Yogalakshmi Jayabal and Chandrashekar Ramanathan

Achieving Stability of ECG Biometric Features Through Binaural Brain Entrainment

Ramaswamy Palaniappan and Samraj Andrews

Experiments on Information Retrieval Mechanisms for Distributed Biodiversity Databases Environment

Manavalan, Subrata Chattopadhyay, Mangala, Prahlada Rao, Sarat Chandra Babu and Akhil Kulkarni




Workshop: International Workshop on Cloud Infrastructures for Big Data Analytics

Workshop: International workshop on Product Design Sprint

Tutorial: Data Hiding: Optimization Framework, Random Gain Attack and Compressed Sensing

Tutorial: QoS and Design Challenges in the Wireless Sensor Communications Networks

IC3I 2014 Mysuru Photos


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