1st International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Informatics
International Workshop on Product Design Sprint Workshop

Workshop Facilitator: Mr. Tathagat Varma

Workshop Outline

Participants will be introduced to the key concepts, following which they shall work in small teams on an idea of their choice, and step through each of the five steps, resulting into user validation of the product idea being proposed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concept behind Design Thinking
  • Apply the tools and techniques in a Design Sprint
  • Work as a cross-functional team to bring an idea to life!


In today’s hyperinnovative world, technologies and products evolve at light speeds. Customers are always looking for better products and services, and the entrepreneurs, product managers, designers, and developers face significant challenges in deciding what features to develop and how to ship them faster than the competition?

Conventional methods of product discovery and design are still ‘waterfallish’. While agile methods help improve the execution cycle time and responsiveness to changes, and lean methods help improve process efficiency, all that is no good if the team doesn’t quite know if they are building the right product! Stealth-mode product development, prevalent during the dotcom days, has repeatedly proven ineffective.

Based on the Design Thinking process championed by the famous design firm IDEO and the Stanford Design School, Google Ventures has evolved a process known as ‘Product Design Sprints’ to help startups quickly go over all aspects of ideation, decision, design, prototyping and user feedback in just a matter of five days. In this workshop we shall compress it even further and simulate a Product Design Sprint in one day so that participants understand the key concepts behind it, and are able to practice a few of these tools and techniques in a simulated session.

Duration: One day

Registration Charge: Rs 750/- per participant


Entrepreneurs, Designers, Architects, Developers, and just about anyone building cool products!



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