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IC3I 2018 focuses on issues of contemporary interest in computing and informatics. Developments in the field of computing and informatics are very complex and advances are so rapid, changes are occurring on day to day basis. It is very difficult to make it available to all stakeholders (researchers, academicians, students, industrialist and society). Hence, Objectives of the conference are:

• To provide a platform to stakeholders to meet and share the ideas, views and new findings in the field of contemporary computing and informatics.
• To strengthen the relationship with industries and academic institutions of the India with the rest of the world.
• To provide a space for students and researchers to meet, discuss, and learn with experts in the related field.
• To reduce the gap between the industry and academics.
• To promote a high level of interaction among stakeholders in theoretical, experimental, and applied concepts in the field of computing and informatics.

Best Papers for IC3I 2014

• Mutual Information Based Weighted Fuzzy Clustering
Yogalakshmi Jayabal and Chandrashekar Ramanathan

• Achieving Stability of ECG Biometric Features Through Binaural Brain Entrainment
Ramaswamy Palaniappan and Samraj Andrews

• Experiments on Information Retrieval Mechanisms for Distributed Biodiversity Databases Environment
Manavalan, Subrata Chattopadhyay, Mangala, Prahlada Rao, Sarat Chandra Babu and Akhil Kulkarni

Latest News
Highlights of previous IC3I

• More than ten distinguished scientists from India and abroad in the    field of computing and informatics have delivered the keynote    speech in the conference

• 250 peer-reviewed technical papers from nine countries from    different domains of computing and informatics were presented in    three days event.

• Two international workshops and two tutorials have been conducted    parallel with the main track.

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