SS23: Natural Language Processing

Paper should clearly describe new and carefully confirmed results and experimental procedure which should be given in required details for others to verify the work. The Paper can be up to 8 pages excluding references and abstract. For proper referring and fast publication all manuscript should be grammatically correct.

iC3I takes plagiarism very seriously and regard plagiarism as a professional misconduct. Papers will be screened for plagiarism and when identified the paper will be rejected. In addition all authors of the paper will be denied to the conference and other papers by these author(s) will also be rejected. When paper accepted, iC3I don't encourage with-drawals meaning it should not be submitted with the intention to get the reviews by the TPC.

  • Automatic Text Summarization
  • Syntax and Parsing
  • Dialog and Speech Processing
  • Frameworks for Morphological Processing
  • General Semantics and Event Semantics
  • Human-Computer Conversation Systems
  • Information Extraction and Retrieval, Machine Translation
  • Multilingual NLP
  • Morph Analyzer
  • Multimodal Representations and Processing
  • Natural Language Interface for Database
  • Natural Language Understanding and Generation
  • Real-Time System Translation

Papers from other topics relevant to Session on Future Trend In IoT Technologies are also welcome.