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Title: Blockchain for Business Management Professionals


Date / Time: Thursday – December 12, 2019 /2 pm

Blockchain (BC) technology, a type of distributed ledger technology, is rapidly gaining traction, but the majority of the business management professionals still have no clue what it is. Blockchain is promising to be the next major disruption in every walk of business. With a view to empowering Business Management Professionals, this workshop will impart the BC knowledge needed for managers to tackle BC at the ground level. Also get a curtain raiser for Blockchain and its possibilities in business. This is a first level workshop for those intending to get deeper into Blockchain from a managerial perspective.


1. To understand how cryptocurrency has evolved. How various aspects of blockchain is used in cryptocurrency.
2. To understand various features of Blockchain, that makes it tamperproof, peer-to-peer.
3. To understand various types of Blockchain and how they are different. A comparison of various aspects of Blockchain.
4. To understand various types of Blockchain is used in various businesses and what value they provide to that business.
5. To understand aspects that determine choice of Blockchain for a Business, Individual, Nation.

No Programming/Coding or Technical Knowledge Required

Duration: 3 hours + extended discussion on BC advanced courses, internships & job opportunities

Topics Covered:

  • • What is crypto currency?
  • • How Blockchain is used in crypto currency?
  • • What is Blocks and Blockchain?
  • • Cryptography and its usage in Blockchain
  • • Hash, Public-Private keys, Digital signatures, Authorization
  • • Bitcoin and how it uses Blockchain
  • • Proof of work, Nonce
  • • Mining, 51% attack
  • • Contracts
  • • Distributed ledger
  • • History of Bitcoin
  • • Bitcoin wallet
  • • Fiat and crypto currency comparison
  • • Banking ledger and distributed ledger comparison
  • • Addresses, Scripts, Transactions, Confirmations, Standard contracts, Custom contracts, Smart contracts, Merkle tree
  • • Experiments of creating address, Experiments of sending and receiving bitcoin, Experiments of looking at transactions
  • • Types of wallets, HD wallet, Multisig wallet, Cold wallet,
  • • Deterministic and non-Deterministic wallet
  • • Payment protocol BIP70
  • • Mnemonic phrase BIP39
  • • Business with Bitcoin namely exchanges, wallet providers, storage providers, payment gateway, payment terminals, escrows.
  • • Types of Blockchain (Public, private, Permissioned and Permission less Blockchain)
  • • Consensus mechanisms like PoW, PoS, PoEt, PoA etc
  • • Advantages of various consensus mechanisms
  • • Brief of Bitcoin type namely DASH, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash
  • • Brief of Ethereum PoW, PoS, PoA based
  • • Brief of Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth
  • • Brief of Stellar exchanges, wallets
  • • Ecosystem for Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar
  • • Smart contract comparison between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger-fabric
  • • Fundraising, ICO, STO, Financial inclusion, Payment
  • • Coupon, Loyalty solutions
  • • Supply chain solutions
  • • Quality, compliance management (tax, purpose specific, sharia)
  • • Value, reward solutions
  • • Distributed autonomous organizations (like DASH)
  • • Multiparty contracts and escrows
  • • Identity management
  • • Voting solutions
  • • Land record management
  • • IoT solutions
  • • Features of smart contract (privacy, security, ease of use, language of smart contract)
  • • Speed of transactions and throughput
  • • Privacy, security of data on blockchain
  • • Access control of users (permissioned, permissionless)
  • • 51% attack, its prevention
  • • Locking of nodes
  • • Consensus, Pow, Pos, PoA
  • • Integration possibilities
  • • Flexibility
  • • National orientation, Consortiums
  • • Cost of transaction
  • • Cost of infrastructure

Target Audience:

  • • Business Management Students
  • • Business Administration Students
  • • Banking & Finance Students
  • • Business Executives
  • • Entrepreneurs
  • • Hospitality Operations & Management Students
  • • Logistics & Supply Chain Management Students
  • • Project Managers
  • • Product Managers
  • • Program Managers
  • • Process Managers
  • • People Managers
  • • Delivery Managers
  • • Directors


  • 1. Understand how components of Bitcoin and also how it is used in Business. Also, gain experience in few bitcoin transactions
  • 2. Understand how other blockchains have evolved after Bitcoin Blockchain. What makes them different and also know their benefits and disadvantages.
  • 3. Understand how various blockchains can be designed in various domains and its benefits, pros and cons.
  • 4. The students/professionals will be able to evaluate suitable blockchain for a specific application
  • 5. Receive Internationally recognised certificate

Registration Fees:

Proceed to: Registration

  • • Students: $90
  • • Academics & Corporates: $120

Organisers and Speakers:


Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan is the Head of Training, Learning, Research, Development & Innovation at TalentBiz (a sister company of Srishti i2i Biz Solutions, USA). He has won many research awards and has been invited as a research consultant at various industries for his research excellence.

He has to his credit:
  • • 100+ professional activities - served as technical program committee member for many international conferences.
  • • 50+ refereed international publications
  • • 50+ invited talks across the globe.
  • • 20+ internationally recognized projects.
  • • 10+ patents
    2000+ students lectured on IoT, HCI, AI, Analytics and Data Science related topics

    Specialization areas: Smart Technologies, Communication Systems & Science, Data Science, Information Science, Human-computer Interaction, Visualization, and Social Informatics.


    Ramesh Belavadi is the CEO and Founder of Belavadi Technology Solutions that focusses on Blockchain technologies. Previously, he worked as Software engineer in Singapore, USA, India in various companies like Informix, Oracle, IBM etc for 25 years. He completed his B.E in Electrical Engineering from M.S.R.I.T and M.Tech from IIT Kharaghpur in Electrical Engineering. His interests are focussed on how economics work and its impact on national growth. He has applied Blockchain and its benefits to economy, job creation, quality management etc. He is currently working towards the goal of creating valuable tools for economics.

    He has to his credit:
    • • 2 patents
    • • 10+ invited talks across the globe.
    • • 1000+ students lectured on Blockchain, and related topics
    Specialization areas: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Blockchain