Special Sessions

SS01: Use Cases of Machine learning & Deep learning for IoT Applications

SS02: Intelligent Interfaces Processing of Multi-Modal Input

SS03: Information and Knowledge Management

SS04: Artificial Intelligence and the World Wide Web

SS05: File and Storage Technologies

SS06: Cloud computing

SS07: Very large databases

SS08: Computer and Data Communication Networks

SS09: Signal Processing

SS10: Distributed Computing

SS11: Research in Computer Security

SS12: Bioinformatics and Health Informatics

SS13: Future Trend in IoT Technologies

SS14: Green Computing Models, Simulations, Designs, and Paradigms

SS15: Smart Grids by the Application of ICT

SS16: Green High-performance Computing and Applications

SS17: Energy-efficient Data Center and Cloud Technologies

SS18: Semantic Technologies for Devices and Services

SS19: Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing

SS20: Big Data: Challenges & Opportunities

SS21: Human Computer Interaction: Challenges & Models

SS22: Brain Computing Interfaces

SS23: Natural Language Processing

SS24: Bi-clustering Data

SS25: Swarm Intelligence

SS26: Data and Knowledge: Representation and Applications

SS27: Fuzzy Sets and Systems: Theory and Applications

SS28: Neurocomputing: Practice and Applications

SS29: Parallel Computing: Architectures and Applications

SS30: Network Security, Services and Applications

SS31: Emerging Technologies For Next Generation Network & Applications

SS32: Systems, Web & Software Engineering

SS33: Computing for Sustainable - Software Systems Perspective

SS34: Wireless Communications Engineering and Technology

SS35: Communication Engineering and Technology

SS36: Wireless Sensor Networks and its Applications

SS37: Computational Intelligence in Feature Analysis, Selection, and Learning in Image and Pattern Recognition

SS38: Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering & Economics

SS39: Computational Intelligence and Data Mining

SS40: Computational Intelligence in Cyber Security

SS41: Computational Intelligence for Communication Systems and Networks

SS42: Computational Intelligence in Healthcare and e-health

SS43: Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning

SS44: Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grid

SS45: Computational Intelligence in Big Data

SS46: OLAP Technologies

SS47: New Visualization Techniques

SS48: Social Network Analysis

SS49: Fog Computing, Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics

SS50: Contemporary Trends in Computational Intelligence (CTCI 2019)

SS51: Cyber-physical Systems: Opportunities and Challenges

SS52: Trends in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

SS53: Women in Healthcare Technologies (WITH)

SS54: Women in Computing, Communication & Internet of Things (WCCIoT 2019)

SS55: Women in Computing and Data Analytics 2019 (WCDA-2019)

SS56: Cloud-native Computing for the Software-defined World

SS57: IT Trends and Web Engineering

SS58: ICT, Cloud and Data Sciences

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